Soap Bars

We're seeing it more and more – a soap bar for washing your face, hair, and body.
It's not just the sustainability aspect or cost savings that make a cleansing soap bar more appealing than liquid soap or shampoo; it's also the convenience for travel, affordability, and perfect for a minimalist skincare routine. We've specially developed our soap bars just for you. The natural soap bars are perfect for the whole family, suitable from 6 months to 106+ years!

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Benefits of a Soap Bar 

Firstly, not having packaging or only having a paper box is an advantage of using a natural soap bar. Additionally, a soap bar contains no water, making the ingredients highly concentrated, and you're not transporting unnecessary water. A soap bar is affordable and works just as well as liquid body wash. The colors and scents of soap bars are appealing, and you can always bring them in your carry-on bag – it's super convenient! We have face soap bars, body soap bars, and scrub soap bars. Read more about The Benefits Of Using A solid Cleansing Soap Bar.

Storing Body soap bars and face soap bars 

But where to store a solid soap bar? For face cleanse soap bars, store them on a draining dish near your sink. If it's a body soap bar for the shower, preferably store it in a sealed container or high and dry above your shower. If you don't do this, a part of the soap bar may dissolve due to water running over it or from the shower steam. That would be a shame. Always store your natural soap bar in a dry place.

Cleansing soap bar 

A cleanser soap bar replaces your liquid cleanser and is an economical option for removing makeup and cleansing your skin. At Nourished, we have different types of cleanser soap bars for your face, including ones for acne-prone, sensitive, and dry skin. You wash away dirt and makeup with the cleanser soap bar without drying out your skin. It leaves your skin feeling cared for, clean, and hydrated.