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Soleo Organics Protecting You & Your Family!

Jul 26, 2017

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Soléo Organics All Natural Sunscreen is a triple award winning, world-class organically produced skin care solution. Soléo Organics All Natural Sunscreen was created in 2005 as an alternative to common synthetic sunscreen that are known to contain many toxic ingredients. This sunscreen has been ingeniously formulated using a skilled team of Naturopaths & Chemists to offer full spectrum sun protection without the use of any chemical UV-absorbers, titanium dioxide, or synthetic preservatives.

Created in Australia, this all natural sunscreen is a major scientific advancement in sun care technology for it is water resistance, natural scent, low skin irritation factor, and organic ingredients. Soléo Organics All Natural Sunscreen is environmentally friendly from its packaging to its contents.

100% Australian Made. Paraben-Free. Preservative-Free. GMO-Free. Eco-Friendly. Free from all chemical UV-absorbers, petrochemicals, mineral oils, artificial fragrances, artificial colours, synthetic surfactants including sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS), & any ingredients containing synthetic by-products.

Shop our entire natural sunscreen collection. 

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